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Cutternation Pitching Pogram


Cutternation Pitching Program
Cutternation Baseball Training is a Constraints Led Approach to velocity development, pitching competency, and overall athletic health. Simply stated, we teach kids to throw faster, straighter, and healthier. We do not believe that there is one way to throw, but we do believe that there are more effective methods.
Our mission is to develop and unlock the throwing potential in each of our athletes no matter their age or skill level. We do not believe in a single method or a one size fits all approach, but we do believe in the athlete. We believe that through information and understanding we can systematically unlock the throwing potential of each athlete that comes through our doors, whether playing for recreational purposes or at the professional level.

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Cutternation Training Schedule
We have training times open 7 days a week for our clients who are al la carte athletes as well as our full time athletes. for the full training schedule here!

Cutternation Training Ages
We service ages 7 to professional. We love training with athletes who are dedicated to the process. Learning to training like a pro takes many different lessons that any pitcher needs the time and the space to experiment and adjust from the failure that is involved in learning new skills. We aim to help all pitchers play the game strategically and equip them with an arsenal of a healthy throwing motion and effective pitches that create a difficult at bat for the hitter. 

Cutternation Training Methods
Everyone at Cutternation contributes to the progress and development of the ever changing pitching philosophies of the current day. We have base throw training method that drills, plyo balls, medicine balls, utilizes video, technology, perfect training environment, radar guns, custom pitching mounds, as well as any upgrade to happen in the future.

Cutternation Training Technology
 Cutternation Training utilizes technology from Rapsodo Pitching, Pitchlogic, Slow motion cameras, Stalker Pro and Pro S2, and more. We are constantly upgrading the facility in hopes to keep providing the best experience for the athletes.

Cutternation Training Options
 Cutternation Training utilizes a unique experience of communication from our athletes/family and our trainers. With our ability to educate our athletes on their health communication with their training program, signing up for the correct appointment is important for all our athletes.

100%   -   50%.  -   20%

100% Day: This is a day at Cutternation meant to max out on volume and intensity. Find your velocity in shuffle fires or on the mound. High speed video playback in real time for quicker in session adjustments. Radar readings always. 

50% Day: This is meant for players looking to get a medium volume and intensity day in before a start or tournament. Great for working on pitches and sequences. High speed video playback in real time for quicker in session adjustments. Radar readings always. 

Max Recovery Day (20%): Recovery days are used to teach players how to feel better and presents a perfect time for athletes to train their muscle memory and repattern their motor pathways for optimizing performance and longevity. They consists of baseball specific strength and conditioning, mobility, and soft tissue work.There is light throwing work on these days.  We will use acumobility pressure point tools, body tempering tools, theraguns, along with the Synapse. Max 

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