Pitching Coach | Cutternation | San Diego

Training Packages

2x Month: Use these training sessions to inform your at home training. Learn the rules of throwing and practice them.

2x Month Training Options: $120

  • 100% Bullpen

4x Month: revolve your weekly training around your training session with Cutternation. Great for Little League Players trying to get a feel for proper fundamentals and HS players who play multiple sports or have a job. 

4x Month Training Options: $240

  • Bullpen 100% 

  • Max Recovery Day 20% 

8x Month: Serious Little League players and HS players looking to take ownership of their development. 2x/week with Cutternation is the sweet spot for most players. Choose a 50% bullpen day, a max recovery day, or a Long Toss session to supplement your 100% day. 

8x Month Training Options: $480

  • Bullpen 100% + Bullpen 50%

  • Bullpen 100% + Max Recovery Day 20%

  • Bullpen 100% + Long Toss Monday

12x Month: lock in and commit yourself to the long game. High School and College Players who are serious and have a game schedule to compete with. This creates the ability for players to design an ideal program.

12x Month - High School/College: $525 

  • Long Toss Monday (100%)

  • Live At Bat Thursday (100%)

  • Max Recovery Day Friday (20%)

20x Month: FULL development mode for college and pro players. High School players must request an invitation. This is only for players ready to go ALL IN. This is for the players who want to eat, sleep, and breathe baseball.

20x Month - College/Pro: $650 

  • Long Toss Monday (100%)

  • Max Recovery Day Tuesday (20%)

  • Bullpen Wednesday (50%)

  • Live At Bats Thursday (100%)

  • Max Recovery Day Friday (20%)

Explanation of Days


Max Recovery Day (20%): consists of baseball specific strength and conditioning, mobility, and soft tissue work. There is light throwing work on these days.  We will use acumobility pressure point tools, body tempering tools, theraguns, along with the Synapse. Synapse is a brand new strength and conditioning tool that is revolutionizing the way we train and gives Cutternation athletes a huge leg up on their peers. Max Recovery days are also used to teach players how to feel better and presents a perfect time for athletes to train their muscle memory and repattern their motor pathways for optimizing performance and longevity. 

100% Day: This is a day at Cutternation meant to max out on volume and intensity. Find your velocity in shuffle fires or on the mound. High speed video playback in real time for quicker in session adjustments. Radar readings always. 

50% Day: intended for players looking to get a medium volume and intensity day in before a start or tournament. Great for working on pitches and sequences. High speed video playback in real time for quicker in session adjustments. Radar readings always. 

Long Toss (100%): Learn the ART of throwing far and straight, pain free. Inspired by the legendary Alan Jaeger’s take on long toss, Cutternation Long Toss sessions are high energy and offer players a professional take on having a productive game of catch. 

Live At Bats (100%): Test Day! All Live At Bats have stalker radar readings and each pitch is captured at 240fps for the athlete’s access after the session. It’s not just about training at Cutternation’s facility, we have to test the skills we develop at live at bats. This is currently reserved for Varsity Baseball players or higher, and is by invite only. Please reach out to Jon Sintes at 850-830-3597 if you’re interested in an invite.