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online training

Cutternation Remote Training is a complete introduction to all of the Training methods, drills, and strategies we use at Cutternation. This program will offer different package options that allow for our remote athletes to purchase a package just like at Cutternation HQ! We have a full resource library that will show each athlete how to train as if they were in the building!

We cover everything that a throwing needs to learn from how to warm up, armcare, pitch grips, pitch design, velocity training, bullpens, and the recovery process. This video series will grow with at least 1 new video every month. We are so incredibly proud of this process and hope that everyone will be ready to throw safer and develop more for the long term. Any concepts or throwing explanations will be viewed here. As well as live streams, ebooks, Q&A's, direct mechanical analysis, and any other possible updates we will have for our program!

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