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Learn how players like Cordell Greene, are throwing harder, straighter, and healthier than ever before. Cordell lives in Seattle, WA and we got him throwing healthy for the first time in years which allowed him to start truly training his arm. Today, 4/15/19, at 28 years old, Cordell hit a PR of 98.3 mph pitching flat ground. It was verified through Rapsodo and videod on his Instagram account @thenaturalballplayer. We have worked with him in person twice. Everything else has been through video and phone call follow up.


We use Dropbox, Facetime, Google Hangout, to be able to pass videos and communicate to help with training the athlete! We suggest the athlete purchase a tripod and phone adapter so we can get the angles of video we will need! Fill out this Form and we will start the process of educating the athlete on all of the systems we will have the athlete work on!

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Interested In Remote Training? 
Cutternation remote training involves an individual throwing program, arm care guide video, throwing drills, video analysis, and video chat discussions.
1 time video analysis $30 or 
2 time video analysis $50
Complete the questionnaire below to begin the on-boarding process for remote-training.





San Diego Baseball Training

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