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Cutternation X Proteus Performance

Cutternation is offering Competitive Baseball Players with a Data Driven Baseball Training Facility that will allow them to increase their skills. 


Proteus Athlete will provide these same players a proven system of Strength, Size, Power and Mobility development that will enable each Player to make significant upgrades in their physical and mental performance capacity. 


This monthly program will provide a minimum of two (2) Live At Bat Sessions each week. Hitters and Pitchers will have training options all five (5) days a week to optimize their schedule.  


Baseball Training will start at 10am at Cutternation, where athletes will develop hitting and pitching skills in a program that tests their progress via live hitters or pitchers, and documents each step work using technology, video analysis, and training programs at Cutternation. 


The ultimate test each week will be: Did your skill work help you prepare to improve against live pitching or hitters?


Player development is a tricky thing and increasing the total number of competitive at bats for the pitcher or hitter is the key for athletes to become better at the most important part of baseball, the game within the game. A baseball game will allow hitters to have a maximum of 6 abs in a game which is rare in a summer ball situation. 


This league will allow for athletes to be more efficient with their time while getting more live abs than would normally happen in a regular summer ball season. This Indoor League will allow for less stress on the body not having to travel and play double headers that may interfere with the players lifting schedule. 


This is the ideal opportunity for athletes to increase their skill level and increase total power potential!


 Every baseball player needs to work on baseball skills and strength. This collaboration will optimally increase both simultaneously.

Proteus Athletic Perforamnce 


We provide professional-level strength & conditioning and athlete development for baseball players and teams that are truly serious about developing a competitive advantage in the most critical years of their baseball journey.  


Formerly Velocity Sports Performance, our advanced and integrated system of Training, Nutrition, Mindset, Recovery and Therapy has empowered literally thousands of athletes around San Diego, including many of the area's top high school and college players, minor leaguers and big leaguers...past and present. 


Ultimately, our athletes train heavy and they train fast, cultivating the size, strength and force production capabilities that transfer directly to on-field performance, scouting looks and a confident edge.  




12171 World Trade Drive

San Diego, CA 92128


We are located within the Fit Athletic Complex in Carmel Mountain Ranch, just down the street from Rancho Bernardo High School. 


We have 5,000 square feet of lighted, outdoor training space, including numerous squat racks and rigs, prowler sleds, dumbbells, GHD machines, Echo Bikes and training turf for speed, agility and plyometrics.  


Through our partnership with Fit Athletic, Proteus Athletes also have access to their locker room amenities and Olympic-sized pool.  


Program Overview


Our Baseball-specific training program combines 3-day intensive sessions each week in the gym, with individualized nutrition coaching, mobility and recovery tools.  Session loads are further optimized around games and tournaments, especially for pitchers and catchers with more nuanced game-day demands.  


Our program is about Lateral Ground Force Production, progressing each athlete through the accumulation of real Strength, Size and Power using the movements, loading schemes and recovery methods that produce the best and most predictable results. 


Training Sessions are offered Monday-Friday.


For an inside look at our facility, coaches and athletes, please check out our Instagram, @proteusathlete.



For more information, please contact Coach Huntley, Head of Performance, at (858) 353-9303 or via email at